Monday, September 29, 2008

Did something die? We have been saying this around the office for the last week. of the worse smells I have ever smelled in my entire life. I am not exaggerating. We discovered it was coming from the fridge after about the first day. It was a cross of rotten milk mixed with death. We could not find the culprit for the life of us. The fridge is not that big people, shouldn't have been hard to find it.
Today I had absolutely enough. Anytime someone opened the fridge, I nearly passed out. Talk about working in unsafe conditions. Don't even get me started on our toilet being broken (which causes a problem for me as I'm trying to down almost a gallon of water a day). I opened the fridge, bravely enough I was going to sniff till I found the nasty beast. I checked my sippy cup that I bring milk in for my cereal, nope, that wasn't it. One of the guys took out his jumbalaya of food, he thought his chicken might have gone bad. I threw away my yogurt and boost drinks just in case, although I highly doubted they were making this stench. Tossed a couple green and fuzzies, can't tell you exactly what they originally were, but they weren't mine.
There it was, in the very back with a cracked lid on its little tupperware container. Could that be it? It was hardly the size of a small plum, it looked like it would contain sauce or something. As I reached my hand to the back to pull it out I was frightened, would this thing bite my fingers off if this was the nasty thing? Pulled it out trying to hold my breathe until I was fully ready to find out. Saw the lid was cracked just a tiny bit, took my chances and opened my nose holes up. THAT WAS IT! OMG...I nearly threw up in my mouth. I had to see what was inside of it, I'm very curious and sniff just about anything.
What was it? Well, I believe it was coleslaw. At one point in time. The site of it now didn't resemble anything I would serve at a company picnic, more like the coleslaw you would find down in Daytona Beach during bike week at the coleslaw wrestling matches. Worse than that even, imagine one of those wrestlers (lets say a chubby one for good times), they go home, take a shower, but since they are so chub, they've got rolls. Are you following me? They don't rinse thoroughly, I mean c'mon, they wrestled in coleslaw, I wouldn't say they are girlscout leaders or anything of that sort. This is THAT coleslaw that has been stuck in their roll for 2 weeks that they finally discover while leaning over much further than normal and obviously pass out from the rank smell coming from that roll.
Mystery solved. Thank goodness, now I can return to storing my yummies in the fridge without being bullied by the nasty coleslaw.

Whaz Happenin?

I have been out of the blogging world for way too long. Nothing special keeping me away in particular, mostly just been busy. I do have a new obsession though, that would be trying to get skinny. Started the couch to 5k program and the biggest loser contest that Tib is throwing. Either way I'll be a loser - hopefully in a good way :)

I will be trying to catch up on everyones blogs as well, so be prepared to be hit like a truck with comments from me. No promises, but I'm predicting I will.

Nice to be back...for now!