Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

A day late, but it was a busy weekend! Saturday we celebrated my bday with a bbq with Tobys family. Great cake. And we went to see Kung Fu Panda, hil-freaking-larious.

Sunday, for fathers day, I woke up early. Maddie woke up early too, Gwen refused to get out of bed, you know pre-teens. Nicky had snuck into our bed at about 0430 and stayed in there a while. I baked a cake and prepped it for icing. Then made a breakfast for the family. Each kid made Toby a handmade card. Madison wrote something along the lines of - Get er done. LOL...she told us she wrote that to her uncle too. I haven't the faintest where she got it from, obviously not from us. But none the less, I found it amusing. After breakfast we went to see the Incredible Hulk...Nicky calls him the Incredible HUNK...Toby does NOT find this funny. I do! Ha ha! Then we rented the Avengers, we came home, I made dinner and put the movie in and old lady me fell asleep on the couch at about 7pm!

Happy Fathers day Dad and Toby...I love you both!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Ha ha...can you tell how I've dropped a lot of days? I'm over Mondays and Wednesdays and weekends...those are boring. Tues, Thurs and Friday work for me. So onto today, Thursday, what I'm thankful for.

In no particular order

  • My bff - Shes super cool and always has my back. Even through a lot of bologna we had in the past she was still there standing strong. I love you girl.
  • Having a car that works - Considering where I work, if I didn't have a car, I would be royally screwed. I love you my little car.
  • Corona - Yum. With lime of course.
  • Perfect afternoons - the ones where you can sit outside without baking and the wind blows softly around you. Ahhhhhh

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Boobies For Sale

Come and get em. They are yours if you want them. I'm done with them. They are too big and saggy. You can have them for free actually, just pay to get em' out and put em' in you. I seriously don't want to hear from someone that I'm lucky. I'm not. My back hurts and I look hideous in shirts and other things. I wanted this bathing suit, it was even the halter type to support them, but they totally were bulging out the sides and the tie at the top looked like it was going to bust open. I refuse to wear a one piece, fug.
So if you want them, you can have them. Hey, maybe I can sell them on can sell anything on ebay. hmmmm

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A few pictures

Of Madisons first couple of days and one of my mom too.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

I didn't do all the laundry, only about 3.5%, Toby did the rest. But I put it I'm claiming the pictures.


Friday, June 6, 2008

You know you're a mom if...

You bring your coffee creamer to work in a sippy cup.

Are you guilty?

So Renae showed us this blog. Hil-arious. I have to admit though that I am guilty myself of some of these things. I am so far from being rich that I could literally blend in with some of the day-labor guys down at Home Depot some mornings.

My sins:

#2 - Dumb baby names. - I don't think my kids names are dumb. At all. I did name them afterall. I do know that after I named Madison, 5 million other people did too. I did not follow a trend. I had a good reason for naming her that. You might be thinking great 'president' name. Which it could be. The real reason was - Splash. Yes, the movie. I loved that movie when I was a kid...I wanted to be a mermaid so badly! So, to me its not so bad, but people are always criticizing that name.

#9 - Cell phones for children - Madison has one. Not so she can call her girlfriends and chat about Hannah Montana or what outfit her barbie is wearing this week. She has it because I am cheap and its cheaper for her to be on my plan rather than me calling her dads phone.

#12 - High end child photographers - Yes, I take my own kids pictures, so I'm not paying out the kazoo for one. BUT, I fit the profile of posing them 'artistically' and in black and white. Guilty.

#14 - The Nintendo Wii - We have one. Got it for the girls for Christmas. Secretly though, I wanted to play it. Its great having kids as an excuse to buy things like this.

#15 - Childrens books - Definitely have more books than they read. Some have never been opened. Mostly because Nicky for example has his favorites. He will pitch a fit if he doesn't get to read the ones we have read 5 billion times. My laziness succumbs to reading that same book rather than dealing.

#16 - Wine - Yes I like wine. I really am not a wino, despite what Toby will tell you. I did have 5 bottles open in the fridge at one time though. I was having my own personal wine tasting session.

#26 - Baby Einstein - I didn't buy these because I thought he would become some genius. I really just wanted to let the good o'l tv babysit him for a few minutes here and there when I was doing my school work. It did the trick too.

#27 - Britax Carseats - We have two. I cave to peer pressure WAY to easily. It is a great carseat though, holds up to 80lbs in a 5pt harness. Although I'm sure that if Nicky is still under 80lbs (highly unlikely) by the time he is 8, he will have ripped me a new one for making him sit in a carseat at that age.

#29 - Webkinz - Both girls have these. I did not buy them. I think they are ridiculous.

So I'm not the best parent ever...but I'm pretty darn close!

Just because

Today is the day!

Madison comes tonight!! I can not wait to see her! I will be taking way too many pictures and probably stealing even more hugs. Will post pics either this weekend or beginning of next week!

Photo Friday

I am such a liar. I said I would be taking my own photos. Not today. I am butt ass tired. Why you ask? Nicholas was the biggest turdbucket last night. Picked my mom up from the airport, hasn't seen him in over 2 years, and he proceeds to be a complete jerk all night. Then wakes up at 23:00 fa-reaking over who knows what. I bring him into my bed so he doesn't wake her. Then wakes back up at a little past midnight I think it was. Screaming, kicking, hitting. THE works. Alarm goes off at 04:15. Beautiful. envision of happy right now is a big comfy bed. I swear I will try to take my own next week.

Join in - Weekly photo challenge. Each week I will post what the challenge is for the next week. The photo can come from anywhere, I will be taking mine personally, but you don't have to! Next weeks topic - Water. Interpret this however you like!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

They like me...they really like me!

Not they, but she! Remember the stalker post? I reached out to her and commented and she came and checked lil o'l me out! So cool. Thats not the best part though, she WROTE about me! How fanfreakingtastic is that???

I'm am girl crushing on professor. I think I've told her that about a million and eleventy times, but its so true. She is super funny, I am positive you won't be able to stop reading after you start! I've become like a crack addict, I can't stay away, I visit her blog multiple times daily...just ask her!

If you ever come to the San Francisco area, let me know! We can have coffee...or BRUNCH! Don't worry, I'm very casual, jeans and a tshirt is good for me. I dont wear crocs either. I don't eat bacon so you can have mine *wink*.

Not sure what she looks like, so I can't give you a description, but in my head...she's approx 5'2, 115lbs, brown (or black) hair and blue eyes. I have NO idea why I imagine this, but various things she said led me to believe this. Shes got a fraking hilarious son...I can only hope my kids turn out that funny! She is WAY smarter than me, and writes amazingly. But like she said and I agree, we have a lot of similarities. The only big diff is the careers/education we have...shes a school teacher/future rockstar writer and I work at a limo company :( and studied Law Enforcement. Who knew teachers could be so funny and real, I always imagined them living at the school day and night...boy was I wrong!

Go check her out!!! You won't regret it!

Thankful Thursday

In no particular order

  • Toby - words can not express what he means to me and how he treats me. I didn't know love could be like this. I've only seen it in movies, and after all the past relationships *rolls eyes* I thought I was destined for losers. Not this guy, he treats us all so well. I couldn't ask for anything more.

  • Tolls - Not the tolls in general. Who wants to pay to drive on a bridge? Not I. What I mean is they don't have that bucket system where you drive by and throw the coins into it. Usually missing, cursing and scavenging for more money. Believe it or not they have actual people in the stands! I can't call my phone service for the life of me and get a live or competent person...but they stock our tolls with them! Yeah for that! *I'm sure it has to do with the fact that the toll is $4 and would be awfully hard to throw dollars in the wind. Which isn't so great that its so high, but I am still thankful for real live people.*

  • Our beautiful children - They have their moments. Just ask the lady last week at the grocery store watching me try to convince (more like bribe) Nicky that it was in his best interest to sit down in the cart rather than jump out. *He's a moose despite his age...not all the straps fit, no need to alert CPS.* All in all they are spectacular kids...I'd go through all the crap in the past to have the same kids we have now!

  • Bras - Need I explain?
Join in - Lets hear what you are thankful for!

Increasing my value

My sticker price right now isn't that high. The way jobs are going right now, its difficult to find a job. Period. I would love to get my BS, but I can't even fathom tacking on anymore money to my student loan. Knowing a second language, especially Spanish where we live would definitely help.

I decided about 2 years ago that I was going to learn Spanish. Considering where I lived, I thought that it would be a great asset to me as well. We were pretty much the only 'gringos' in my neighborhood. I'm not even kidding. Gave myself a year. A year is pretty decent to at least start. Didn't think it was that bad, I mean, if my one year old son at the time could speak more Spanish than English, I certainly could.

Never happened. So, I'm kicking this into gear now. I have a long commute to work, so I bought some audio cd's to listen to.

Todays lesson - the alphabet. I did take 3 years of Spanish between middle school and High School...I should know some of it. It was fairly easy and the woman speaking made it tolerable and I picked up a few things I didn't know or remember.

Who knows maybe in a couple of months I will be able to write one whole post in Spanish. I'm not guaranteeing it will be long, maybe only a few sentences, but that will be my short term goal.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes

Out of all three kids, I think Madison says the funniest things to me. I'm not sure if its just her uncensored mouth, or her mind spinning in every which direction. This wasn't said today, but wasn't all that long ago...and I was thinking about it on the way home. We were talking about her room for when she gets here since she hasn't seen it since we moved. This was our convo:

Maddie: So, whats it look like? What kind of bed are we going to have?

Me: Its purple, the color is called Beauty Pageant...and you will have a bunkbed.

Maddie: Oh cool, who gets the top?

Me: Well, I know you like the top and Gwen just so happens to like the bottom, so it all works out.

Maddie: Yeah mom. I have to have the top.

Me: problem, but why are you so insistent?

Maddie: Well, in case someone breaks into the house...and they go into our room, I can hide on the top because I'm so small...and they will just see Gwen.

Me: *trying my best not to laugh* Thats not nice Maddie...what about Gwen?????

Maddie: She's bigger and older than me, she's lived longer than me. Its only fair that if there was a choice they take her over me. I need more years to see the world.

Me: *Desperately trying not to let her hear me laugh* Well thats not nice, you shouldn't think like that!

She says things all the time that really surprise me...I'm sure Candace remembers better than me since I normally tell her. UGH...I can't think but I know there are good ones out there. I'll post them if I remember. Funny girl.

Wordless Wednesday

********************************************************************Join in - This is the day when no words are needed. Post a picture that is self explanatory.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

We tackled our backyard this weekend. We were in desperate need of some shade and wanted to have someplace to eat outside since the weather is so nice. I helped, but I have to say that 99.8 percent of the work was done by Toby. He put up the gazebo, except for a tiny bit of help by me, same goes for the patio set. I planted the flowers. I don't have the greenest thumb in the world, so lets hope they stay alive! Nicky had to get in on the action as usual.



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People amaze me

For any of you that don't know my profession, I work for a limousine company. Why do most people let out a little burst of excitement when they hear that? No, its not glamorous. No, I don't see movie stars all the time. In fact I have only seen a couple in my entire life. There is nothing spectacular about my job or my office. If anything it is quite the opposite. I deal with a bunch of a-holes all day, complaining about this or that. Yes, this is my job. I accept that, I'm just completely surprised by people and their arrogance sometimes.

This guy calls to bitch about his pick up. This isn't unusual for him though, he makes a complaint almost every single time he travels. He tells the guy that he booked the car for 05:30, it is currently 05:25. The dispatcher he speaks to tells him that we have the car scheduled for 05:45, but he's only a few minutes out, so he should be there by 05:30 anyways. Chauffeur arrives at 05:31. This dickwad tells him, I know for a fact that I booked it for 05:30, I am absolutely positive that I booked it for that much that I will pay 3 times the normal amount if I am wrong.

I listen to the tape. Guess what time he said? 05:45. So, now do I have the right to charge him 3 times the amount??? I freaking wish. We would be able to recoup all the past money I gave away to him to shut him up when he kept freaking out about this or that.

This was just one idiot I had to deal with today.

New Blog

I did it. I thought about it and there is too much nonsense on this blog for people to catch up on our family if thats the only reason they come to look. I want to be able to come here and release whatever is on my mind. Which might include the occasional Fbomb...which I know some of my viewers are not fond of. This is my place to get all my thoughts out now. If you are interested in just the family life, check out the new blog. I hope to update it as soon as possible.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Meal Plan Monday

Monday - Left over pizza
Tuesday - Fajitas
Wednesday - Leftover Fajitas (gah, I eat left overs too often, you will see a trend)
Thursday - Fish (not sure what kind yet), rice and broccoli
Friday - Tri tip, mash potato and peas
Saturday - Rachael Ray pasta (don't know which one yet)
Sunday - Probably leftovers

Something to do

I'm stealing a couple of ideas from various places. I've stolen an 'about me' thing from the Professor and am going to steal something from Tib. I found a site with a bunch of daily things, here it is. Feel free to join in and take the idea as well. I am going to try and have a theme for each workday. I don't often get on during the weekend unless Toby is working, but I will make one for one day of the weekend.
*Monday - Lets hear what you're planning to have for the week. I don't normally plan for a whole week at a time, especially with our crazy schedules, but I'm gonna give this a whirl.

*Tuesday - Get your work done and take pictures of the progress! Maybe you are going to clean that room that you've been meaning to get to for months or maybe something like taking care of that pile of dishes in the task is too small! Take a before and after pic and post it here. Check out this blog, there are a lot more to check out!

*Wednesday - This is the day when no words are needed. Post a picture that is self explanatory.

* Thursday - Lets hear what you are thankful for, I know I have many! Thanks for the idea Tib.

*Friday - Weekly photo challenge. Each week I will post what the challenge is for the next week. The photo can come from anywhere, I will be taking mine personally, but you don't have to! Since I haven't done one this week, I will post my topic now, so there is something for this Friday....the topic is....happy. Interpret this however you like!

* Saturday or Sunday -List seven things going on this week.

So thats it folks. Let see how long this will hold my attention.

To be or not to be

I'm not quite sure, but I might make a separate blog for the fam. I wanted something originally to tell everyone what is going on with us but this has turned into random thoughts with a splash of the family. So we'll see, I haven't quite decided yet. Mostly it depends on my laziness.


Ok, I have given in to peer pressure and have started the Twilight series of books. After poking fun at some girls at my moms board I couldn't stand it any longer and bought the first two books. Started reading the first one last night and its getting good. I was a little embarrassed when I bought them, they were in the young adult section. I mean...I know I am sort of a young adult. We will see how long it takes me to finish it, as I started last night, Nicky was jumping all over me and asking me to read it to him. Obviously mama doesn't read 'adult' books too often in front of him. I can only imagine saying in the sweetest tone possible (you know that baby talk when reading kiddie books)...'and then the vampire sucked the life out of the girl.' I'm sure that would give him lovely dreams.


Pretty sure that I can't be the only person that doesn't know this tid bit of information. This guy, Colin Hanks, probably most known for his role in Orange County is Tom Hanks son. I was informed this while watching Untraceable a couple weeks ago. As always I have to say where I've seen other actors before. So I say to Toby...hey, thats the kid from Orange County. He says...yeah, Tom Hanks son. My reply: WHAT?!?!? Thats Tom Hanks son?!?!? Get out, no way, are you serious? Pretty much every way possible way that I was absolutely stunned. This lasted for like 5 minutes, literally. How could I not know this? I love Tom Hanks, I didn't know that was his son!!!!! And no, his mother is not Rita Wilson. In case you were wondering.

So, here's my announcement for all of you that are as clueless as I am.