Monday, June 2, 2008


Pretty sure that I can't be the only person that doesn't know this tid bit of information. This guy, Colin Hanks, probably most known for his role in Orange County is Tom Hanks son. I was informed this while watching Untraceable a couple weeks ago. As always I have to say where I've seen other actors before. So I say to Toby...hey, thats the kid from Orange County. He says...yeah, Tom Hanks son. My reply: WHAT?!?!? Thats Tom Hanks son?!?!? Get out, no way, are you serious? Pretty much every way possible way that I was absolutely stunned. This lasted for like 5 minutes, literally. How could I not know this? I love Tom Hanks, I didn't know that was his son!!!!! And no, his mother is not Rita Wilson. In case you were wondering.

So, here's my announcement for all of you that are as clueless as I am.

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