Thursday, June 5, 2008

They like me...they really like me!

Not they, but she! Remember the stalker post? I reached out to her and commented and she came and checked lil o'l me out! So cool. Thats not the best part though, she WROTE about me! How fanfreakingtastic is that???

I'm am girl crushing on professor. I think I've told her that about a million and eleventy times, but its so true. She is super funny, I am positive you won't be able to stop reading after you start! I've become like a crack addict, I can't stay away, I visit her blog multiple times daily...just ask her!

If you ever come to the San Francisco area, let me know! We can have coffee...or BRUNCH! Don't worry, I'm very casual, jeans and a tshirt is good for me. I dont wear crocs either. I don't eat bacon so you can have mine *wink*.

Not sure what she looks like, so I can't give you a description, but in my head...she's approx 5'2, 115lbs, brown (or black) hair and blue eyes. I have NO idea why I imagine this, but various things she said led me to believe this. Shes got a fraking hilarious son...I can only hope my kids turn out that funny! She is WAY smarter than me, and writes amazingly. But like she said and I agree, we have a lot of similarities. The only big diff is the careers/education we have...shes a school teacher/future rockstar writer and I work at a limo company :( and studied Law Enforcement. Who knew teachers could be so funny and real, I always imagined them living at the school day and night...boy was I wrong!

Go check her out!!! You won't regret it!

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Jimmie Earl said...

Hi Diane,
I am Professor's dad, and she insisted that I check out your blog. Neat, and interesting. I will have to delve into it further when I get this POS computer fixed or cave in and buy a new one.
Keep writing.