Monday, April 28, 2008

Pretty Princess

Shaunee is back and shared the pics of Madison from the trip to Disney. I just had to show off my angel. I love her so so much and am so happy she had a great time! Shaunee, we love you to pieces and this meant so much to us! Thanks babe! In case you're wondering who that handsome little lady killer is in the first pic, thats one of Shaunees little men, Dominic. Isn't he a sweet little fella? I could just eat him up!

So proud

We are so proud of Gwen, such a smart girl! She must have got her smarts from her daddy *wink wink* She's been prepping for the California state test, we know she will do well. Maddie has been as well, well, the Florida state test...spoke to her today and I asked how it went, she said "oh, you know, really easy mom." LOL! We're so proud of our sweet girls, they are so wonderful AND smart!

Slip n Slidin!

Not really, they are too messy, but the kids did have fun on the kiddie pool and in the sprinkler this weekend. The best shot I got of them together of course both of them weren't looking, oh well...maybe next time.

A face only a mother could love-famous cheese face

Alien Flower

I was walking around the backyard this weekend and saw this crazy looking flower, I tried googling it, and I think its a passion flower. I didn't think it was real when I first saw it, we have a lot of debris that blows around in the wind and lands in our ivy, so I thought it was some fake flower or something, but nope, its real. Its really strange looking, I HAD to take a picture. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cut my hair

Finally after almost a year I decided it was time to chop the mop. Call me lazy, but an hour to dry my hair was entirely too long. I wanted layers, but the last time I got layers, about 10 years ago, they messed up so bad, I chopped my hair super short because of it. I was trusting of the girl who did it and told her only to take a little off the longest and do some layers that I could work with. I am completely happy with what she did, a hairdresser who listens to you. Imagine that. So, the longest parts 4-5 inches or so and about 8-9 inches at the shorter parts. It doesn't look that much shorter, but it feels so much better, lighter and more body. She added the curls, my hair is stick straight. Dont mind the weird angles, its really hard taking pics of your own hair.



Saturday, April 26, 2008

Deep Thought #1

I would like to have many deep thoughts, but I can't guarantee that. We'll start with #1 and go from there.

I was lying in bed the other night thinking of something that would be a GREAT post, but I did some research and found nada. My theory is, if you believe in reincarnation you just MIGHT be a dead celebrity. So I tried looking up the kids birthdays to see if any of them were born on any 'celebrities' birth dates. This sounded like such a cool idea, then I was going to compare their personalities to each person I found and see if any of them were a good match. Unfortunately I came up with nothing...can you believe it? No one 'famous' died on their birthdays, or at least that I could find. So I guess none of our kids are famous, at least not in the publics eye, but we think they're pretty mad wicked awesome.

So, if you want, look up your birthday along with something along the lines of celebrity death and see if you can find someone like you! If you do, post it in my comments, I'd be interested to see what you find!

Our Pad

Check it out, we moved in early March, we finally have at least half of our stuff unpacked. The garage is still cluttered (that first pic is the first day we were moving in), but we're getting to it.

Front of House
Living Room
Shelf o' stuff Kitchen
Nickys Room

Kiddies bathroom
Madison & Gwens room
Our room

I will spare you pics of our messy garage and laundry room. We love this house so much, it really was exactly what we were looking for.


Today was a good day. Actually it wasn't today, it was technically yesterday since it is now 1am. Not much to report, but it was special. I worked on Candaces background, header and colors most of the night. Nicky and I watched SpongeBob after dinner before he headed off to bed, then he woke up and crawled into bed with me and rolled around, after about a half hour of that I couldn't stand it and put him back in his bed.

Then I stumbled across the discovery channel and Survivorman came on, which led me to my next thought. Which show is better, Survivorman or Man v. Wild? Well, I'll give you my answer, technically they are equal since they both have a trait that I can't stand about both of them, but if I HAD to pick, it would be Man v. Wild. I will explain. Survivorman...the guy who's on it bothers me. Its partially to do with his accent and mostly because of the way he talks. He's such bada$$, but he never swears. Unbelievable. Imagine this, he falls off a mountain (just an example) and breaks both arms and both legs, and says something to this effect: Oh poopy pants, what a shame. The situations he gets into, a "$hit" or "damn" has to escape his lips at least once. The only thing I don't like about Man v. Wild is they always play the same episodes over and over! I told you if I had to chose which one I pick best it would be Man v. Wild, and my reason is because he doesn't own Discovery Channel and can't pick which episodes they play, so its really not his fault. I tried to make a poll for this, but internet explorer is not working, or so it says. If it comes back up, take the poll, I must know.

Does not share well with others

Good thing you don't have to put bad things on resumes...this would be on the top 10. Definitely not the top, but on the list. More specifically, I don't like to share drinks. Not because I'm greedy. Although I can be, its because I don't like the thought of someone backwashing in my drink. Because, well, you backwash is ok. This thought came to me tonight when Nicky wanted to share my drink. Being my son, I winced and allowed him, all the while thinking about what he has had in his mouth today. I shuddered in disgust. A couple hours later, I went to pick up the drink and take a sip, couldn't do it. Nope.
This rule applies to everyone. Don't worry, I don't discriminate. Even though I swap spit with Toby on a daily basis, it still crosses my mind if we share a drink. For some reason if its out of a straw it doesn't bother me as much. Weird. Oh and if you even are standing over my drink and talk, I probably will toss it as well. I know how germs work, I can't see them, but they are there!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sexy Mother Pucker

Well the name alone drew me into this strange lip gloss, I expected SO much more out of it unfortunately. I don't particularly like glosses that have a strong scent to them, especially food scents. More specifically burnt coffee scent. Since there was no color label on it, I picked the one pictured above, I guess it would be 'mocha.' Although their lab workers really need to hone in on the actual smell of it. Because if they were targeting Starbucks, they got closer to day old 7-11 coffee.

Anyways, the concept of it is to obviously...make your lips juicier/plumper. I was not blessed with Angelia Jolie lips, not even close, so I thought this would be a great booster. Don't be deceived by the packaging, I didn't notice a bit of difference. The only thing that I did notice was the tingling it gives you. If you've ever had a cold sore, its THAT kind of tingling. Not exactly enjoyable, I wanted to instantly grab the closest cloth near me and wipe it off. Unfortunately I was wearing a shirt I liked and didn't think Nicky would appreciate it. So I left it on. If, even after you read this horrible review, you decide to purchase overpriced lip gloss...the tingling does stop after about 10 minutes.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


No, I am not referring to the novel. Although I did try to read that book once or twice, that book was HUGE! Supposively my sleep issues are partially due to my hormones, or lack thereof. Since I don't make my own anymore my body doesn't know what to do and the hormone replacements can take up to 3 months to fully kick in. This is completely not like me. I am the girl who could fall asleep anytime, anywhere. Completely not the case anymore, I lay in bed tossing and turning. Hopefully my body get in gear and do the right thing...I can't count any more sheep!

Sunday Fun

We had a nice day this past Sunday, we went to Scandia, where Toby and the kids went racecar driving and we all went mini-golfing. This was Nickys first time mini-golfing, Mr. Independant didn't want anyone helping him out. He ended up waiting until we each finished our turn at each round and he would set the ball down about a foot away from the hole and scoot it in. He was quite pleased with himself and strutted around the course as though he was a big shot! I thought it was very cute! After we finished at Scandia we went to an old train that has been transformed into an antique mall. We were looking for some glass to add to our collection on our shelf in-between the living room and kitchen. Unfortunately we didn't find any that we (alright *I*, yes I'm picky) liked, but it was still enjoyable. After the long day out we all took a nap and woke up and had a cook out. Such a great day.

Miss Madison got to go to DISNEYWORLD with my sweet friend Shaunee and her family. I'm lucky to have such wonderful friends who do things like this. She was so excited the day before, I don't think she was able to sleep dreaming of Mickey Mouse and all the princesses that she adores! Shaunee kept me updated throughout the day and Madison was having such a great time! Shes not fond of rollercoasters or anything scary, so they kept to the tame rides and walking around looking at all the wonders of Disney. Afterwards they went shopping for a swimsuit and picky Madison carefully chose one that all would be happy with. They then cruised over to the hotel and had a blast swimming. Even the next day she was still talking about it. The effect Disney has over children, I was so happy that she could have a day out that she truly deserves! Thanks Shaunee you're the best!

Nickys signage

I made this for Nicky trying to fit in with the 'pirate' theme. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted/expected, but he seems to like it, so we're happy with that! This is his 'cheese' face in case you have never seen it. Actually his eyes are usually more squinty, but I prefer this to the other, I love seeing his smiley face! (After looking at this actually posted, its hard to distinguish what it says...on the top it says 'Captain' and on the bottom 'Nicholas')


The flowers are blooming and I'm loving the new flowers in our yard. We have about 10-15 rose bushes in the front that we weren't too pleased with, but had to keep in. After seeing them open up I am not as upset about them. In the back we have some other purple (no, I have no idea what they are actually called) flowers, that are so pretty! We've planted two tomato plants, there is a small strawberry patch and we will be planting pumpkins, sweet peas, green beans, peppers and some other random flowers soon enough. Can't wait to see how they all turn out!