Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sunday Fun

We had a nice day this past Sunday, we went to Scandia, where Toby and the kids went racecar driving and we all went mini-golfing. This was Nickys first time mini-golfing, Mr. Independant didn't want anyone helping him out. He ended up waiting until we each finished our turn at each round and he would set the ball down about a foot away from the hole and scoot it in. He was quite pleased with himself and strutted around the course as though he was a big shot! I thought it was very cute! After we finished at Scandia we went to an old train that has been transformed into an antique mall. We were looking for some glass to add to our collection on our shelf in-between the living room and kitchen. Unfortunately we didn't find any that we (alright *I*, yes I'm picky) liked, but it was still enjoyable. After the long day out we all took a nap and woke up and had a cook out. Such a great day.

Miss Madison got to go to DISNEYWORLD with my sweet friend Shaunee and her family. I'm lucky to have such wonderful friends who do things like this. She was so excited the day before, I don't think she was able to sleep dreaming of Mickey Mouse and all the princesses that she adores! Shaunee kept me updated throughout the day and Madison was having such a great time! Shes not fond of rollercoasters or anything scary, so they kept to the tame rides and walking around looking at all the wonders of Disney. Afterwards they went shopping for a swimsuit and picky Madison carefully chose one that all would be happy with. They then cruised over to the hotel and had a blast swimming. Even the next day she was still talking about it. The effect Disney has over children, I was so happy that she could have a day out that she truly deserves! Thanks Shaunee you're the best!


Kristi said...

Yay for Shaunee. That was so very sweet of her!

Kim said...

That's so cool for Madison!

I loved taking the kids to Scandia when I lived up there. So fun! Have you been to the Jelly Belly Factory yet?