Saturday, October 25, 2008

Check it

I've finally updated the family blog, if you have time, check it out!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Is it Christmas? Tagged twice in one week???? Ida tagged me this time.

Random facts.

1. I have two gray hairs. I got them the beginning of this year I think it was. I pluck them every so often. How sad.

2. My favorite color is pink. It used to be pink when I was little too, then I 'grew' out of that. But pink is BACK!

3. I can touch my tongue to my nose.

4. There are a bunch of undies in my drawer that I have never worn. They were super cute at the store, but when I got them home...WAY too scandelous for me.

5. I wish it were fall. All year long.

6. Pumpkin should be a staple in every single food. Seriously could eat it all the time.

7. I'm probably one of the very few women who do not worship Oprah.

Four and Four, I am supposed to go to my picture folder and open the fourth folder and then open the fourth picture and talk about it.

This was a pic from last Christmas, I was trying to be artsy and make a cute picture. These were one of the blurry ones of Gwen. But I followed the rules and picked the fourth from the fourth, so this is what you get....LOL

I tag Candace, Kim, Professor, Shaunee, Shell, Jules and Dani

I was tagged!

Kim tagged me and I am beyond honored, here are my Top 11:

1.) Clothing Store: Old Navy
2.) Furniture Store: Um, the furniture store in town, have no clue what its called.
3.)Sweet: chocolate!
4.)city: Gatlinberg
5.)Drink: Margarita
6.)music: I don't have a preference of music type, it depends on my mood
7.) TV: True Blood, Heroes, Family Guy, Cho Show
8.)Film: Anchorman
9.) workout: jog 3 times a week, strength training 3 times a week. Going to try and walk 3 other days a week, but that will take a LOT of will...don't know if I have that!
10.)pastries: pumpkin cream cheese roll.
11.) coffee: Ice white chocolate mocha

I'm tagging Candace and Ida!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Figured it out

Pretty sure that my body can gain weight by smell. Our office is butt up against a bakery. Not a little mom and pops bakery. A big one. With huge ovens and they're cooling trays must be directly next to the vent that leads into our office. OMG. It smells heavenly, but certainly does not help a fat girl try and resist eating bad stuff. Neither does the tray of 'oopsies' that they have out for know the ugly muffins and cookies.

Do ugly muffins and cookies contain as many calories as the pretty ones?

Check it

If you do just one thing today, make sure you check out Tibs giveaway. This could quite possible be the best giveaway. Ever.

Exam Tomorrow

I am nervous and excited all at the same time - would that be 'nercited?' Tomorrow is the big day. I have an exam for a position that I would love to have. I don't want to say exactly what its for (although some of you know already), don't want to jinx myself in any way. This would be a stepping stone in the field that I eventually want to have my career in. My education would finally be paying off, that student loan I have wouldn't seem so worthless. I report tomorrow at 8am and it is approximately 3 hours. Couldn't find any study materials, they gave a brief overview of how the exam is conducted, but I am the type that likes to read as much as possible to be a step ahead of the other candidates. I did borrow a book from a friends guypal who applied for a similar test, so I do have that under my belt and will review it again tonight. Absolutely nercited!
*While I was searching for 'exam' images, I found this one. THAT in your mental image case for a while. And is that a banana peel she has in her hands??*

Could it be?

Is that right? Rain? What's that? Water falling from the sky? Oh my goodness, could it be? Could we finally be getting rain? It has lit-erally been almost a year since we have got a real rain. They are predicting rain tonight and tomorrow. I am absolutely stoked. I LOVE the rain, plus our sprinklers could take a day off.

I CAN do this!

As I mentioned I am doing the biggest loser contest courtesy of Tib, the exercise QUEEN! In the past I have always made excuses, either I can't do this because my back hurts, I'm too tired, its too hot outside, etc. It was always something. Not anymore, the only person I'm hurting is myself. Excuses won't make me lose weight, won't make me a healthier person, won't teach my kids the right way of living. Only *I* can do that. I will do that, I AM strong enough to push through this no matter how difficult it may be.

My kids will look up to me as a good role model and hopefully take this into their own lives and be one less person on the scale of obesity. I'm removing: can't and won't from my least in this part of my life. Because I CAN do it. I've been pushing myself and while it is hard at the time, when I'm done, I am that much more proud of myself that I am accomplishing something! I can't control everything in my life, but I CAN control this and I WILL. I am happy that I am making this step and even though some days can be damn frustrating, it will get better and I will be changed, not only on the outside but inside too!

*Oh, and I don't really know if the road to hell is paved with stupid excuses, I just thought it was funny.*

Monday, September 29, 2008

Did something die? We have been saying this around the office for the last week. of the worse smells I have ever smelled in my entire life. I am not exaggerating. We discovered it was coming from the fridge after about the first day. It was a cross of rotten milk mixed with death. We could not find the culprit for the life of us. The fridge is not that big people, shouldn't have been hard to find it.
Today I had absolutely enough. Anytime someone opened the fridge, I nearly passed out. Talk about working in unsafe conditions. Don't even get me started on our toilet being broken (which causes a problem for me as I'm trying to down almost a gallon of water a day). I opened the fridge, bravely enough I was going to sniff till I found the nasty beast. I checked my sippy cup that I bring milk in for my cereal, nope, that wasn't it. One of the guys took out his jumbalaya of food, he thought his chicken might have gone bad. I threw away my yogurt and boost drinks just in case, although I highly doubted they were making this stench. Tossed a couple green and fuzzies, can't tell you exactly what they originally were, but they weren't mine.
There it was, in the very back with a cracked lid on its little tupperware container. Could that be it? It was hardly the size of a small plum, it looked like it would contain sauce or something. As I reached my hand to the back to pull it out I was frightened, would this thing bite my fingers off if this was the nasty thing? Pulled it out trying to hold my breathe until I was fully ready to find out. Saw the lid was cracked just a tiny bit, took my chances and opened my nose holes up. THAT WAS IT! OMG...I nearly threw up in my mouth. I had to see what was inside of it, I'm very curious and sniff just about anything.
What was it? Well, I believe it was coleslaw. At one point in time. The site of it now didn't resemble anything I would serve at a company picnic, more like the coleslaw you would find down in Daytona Beach during bike week at the coleslaw wrestling matches. Worse than that even, imagine one of those wrestlers (lets say a chubby one for good times), they go home, take a shower, but since they are so chub, they've got rolls. Are you following me? They don't rinse thoroughly, I mean c'mon, they wrestled in coleslaw, I wouldn't say they are girlscout leaders or anything of that sort. This is THAT coleslaw that has been stuck in their roll for 2 weeks that they finally discover while leaning over much further than normal and obviously pass out from the rank smell coming from that roll.
Mystery solved. Thank goodness, now I can return to storing my yummies in the fridge without being bullied by the nasty coleslaw.

Whaz Happenin?

I have been out of the blogging world for way too long. Nothing special keeping me away in particular, mostly just been busy. I do have a new obsession though, that would be trying to get skinny. Started the couch to 5k program and the biggest loser contest that Tib is throwing. Either way I'll be a loser - hopefully in a good way :)

I will be trying to catch up on everyones blogs as well, so be prepared to be hit like a truck with comments from me. No promises, but I'm predicting I will.

Nice to be back...for now!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shoutout for Tibs son Ethan

Please check out Tibs blog and do what you can for sweet Ethan. He has type 1 diabetes and could use any help possible. I've never personally met him, but heard plenty of stories about him, he sounds like such a special kid and deserves only the best in life. Hoping that walk goes great and Ethan most importantly has a ton of fun and support!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Motivational Posters

We need some new art for our office. What would be better than some great motivational pieces that would really help boost the office moral. During our next meeting, I'll suggest these to my boss.

Breaking Dawn

I finished it today. I loved it. I know that many Twilight fans were disappointed, but I was not. There were a few parts that I didn't 'love,' but for the most part it was great. The end didn't leave me hanging or expecting more and I was satisfied. I tried to take my time with it, Toby bought it for me on Saturday and I stretched it all the way until today, pretty good...I didn't rush through it, I wanted to enjoy it all the way through. He got it at Barnes and Nobles, so it came with some pretty stickers, one that I put in my phone, because I am OBSESSED!

Thankful Thursday - Aug 7th

  • Bedtime - for the kids
  • Prozac
  • repeat on the dvd player

Can you tell I had a hard day with the kids? I am surprised I have any hair left after today.

Join in - Lets hear what you are thankful for!

I'll Pass

I HATE spam. Hate. Hate. Hate it. I spend at least 10min sorting through spam. For some reason normal peoples emails get sent to my spam folder and I have to go through the folder - if I didn't write you back, its probably because it went to the spam folder and I accidentally deleted it. So its great and all that the junk goes to the spam folder (except for the reg mail that ends up there sometimes). What irks me is that spam ends up in my INBOX. The spot where I would like to feel safe with my friends and other crap that I might have signed up for like my billpay stuff. Not that I like bills, but....

I'm not a pervert or anything, so why do I get this crap that makes me feel like one?!?!? I swear I don't go to naughty sites and look at boobies and other x rated sites. Even if I did, I certainly wouldn't sign up for their MAILING list. So tell me why I get emails asking if I want to look at peoples hooters or wangs????

The most recent one that I got made me laugh and irritated me at the same time. It read: HEY I PUT NEW HOT PICTURES OF ME AT MY SITE. The sender? Oh, his name is Maynard Duran. C' want to send spam...get a better name than MAYNARD! No offense to anyone who may have a father, brother, uncle, grandfather, aunt or 22nd cousin named maynard. I just think its funny to send something like that and have a name like that. Thats an old mans HOT could your pictures be? I know 'Diane' is an older name, but I'm not THAT old. Stick to the Madge's and Gertrudes....don't send me your junk! Literally.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Gwen!

I am WAY late on her bday, it was on the 20th, but we were out of I have an excuse :)

Can you believe she is 11? This picture was taken at the wedding, she is such a pretty girl! She whispered in her dads ear when they saw each other after she got her hair done - Daddy, don't I look like Elizabeth Swan from Pirates? Too freaking cute. Happy Birthday princess, you mean too much to us to even tell. We love you to pieces and you are growing up to be such a wonderful young lady! Happy birthday...xoxo

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Nicky boy!!!!

I'm a day late, but yesterday was insane! Yesterday was Nickys 3rd birthday! Yes, I have managed to keep him alive 3 years...and with only 1 trip to the ER! Nicholas is by far the cutest little boy I have ever laid eyes on. I know, I know, he's mine, all mothers feel that way. But its true with this one. He truly has me wrapped around his little finger. Knows all the right buttons to make me melt. I know one day he will be bigger than me, but right now I'm completely enjoying his tiny little voice and small hands that grab my face and pull me close to to lay a big wet one on my cheek!

A couple of pictures to remember the last few years. I didn't get to take one yesterday on his actual bday, but the ones I have on here aren't that old.

Our first kiss:

Grumpy little old man - just a day old:

1st bday:

2yr bday:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another PSA

According to 'First' magazine, it says that 'Wine Slashes Dementia Risk By 70%.' The exact article reads:

That's the conclusion Swedish scientists reached after conducting a study
that took place over a period of 34 years. The credit likely goes to
wine's potent stores of resveratrol. This grape derived antioxidant
hinders the formation of beta-amyloid, an abnormal brain protein linked to
cognitive decline.

You don't have to tell me twice, I already have a bad memory, I don't need to wind up like the chick in the Notebook! And if you're wondering, I don't normally read 'First' magazine, but the front said: Drop 16lbs in 1 week! I am such a sucker for crap like that.

Stupid Bitch

Stupid Bitch,I didn't even want to go to your wedding. I doubt your marriage will last, you are a stupid twit. But, you are Tobys best friends fiance, and I will suck it up and do what I have to do to make him happy. I would have rather spent the $300 + I spent on our outfits/dress, etc on my kids bday party, but this is the way it goes.

You don't send us an invitation, I don't know if thats custom since toby is the best man and gwen is a bridesmaid, but still...too bad I don't know where you are registered now, guess I can't get you a gift you stupid bitch. Thanks for telling us AFTER I buy my plane ticket that the rehearsal dinner is on the night I am flying out. I would have bought it for the day earlier had I known. Also, same goes for the bridal lunch gwen was invited to, of course she can't attend since its a couple days before they arrive.Again, I didn't want to go to your stupid wedding, since you ignored the shit out of me the first and only time we met even though I tried to make conversation with you. SO, you give me Gwens dress info (color, code) less than 2 months before the wedding, gives me a TON of time to go order it, and the freaking place takes 10-12 weeks to get it in once placed. You text me over and over bugging the shit out of me during the week if I have ordered the dress yet. I have to obviously wait until I have Gwen with us to go try one on, which is over an hour away from us. I have to kiss ass to get your fucking dress to me on time, and they don't even have you in their fucking computer. Nice. Same applies to Tobys tux, you RUSH us and tell us we HAVE to get there ASAP to get fitted, we do and then AGAIN, they don't have your info in the computer, so we have to bring the measurements in later. WHY??? Because you all haven't gone in to register with them...WHY the fuck did you rush US?!?!? Then you text me, some during the middle of the night about the exact shoes you want for her. Well sweetheart, she's a ten year old tomboy who has never worn heels before. Do you really want her stumbling down the aisle on your big day? I personally think it would be hilarious just because you would get sore over it, but I think more of Gwen. So I got her shoes, the color you want, "strappy", but they are VERY low, almost flat heels. Deal.

STILL. in the long run, I've dealt with much worse. The insulting thing was that we receive the invitation for the rehearsal dinner, which you know I can't attend because you're a whore and told us after we bought our tickets that it was the night I am flying out...and what does it say on there? Toby M and GUEST. GUEST?!? You have been texting me non stop about the fucking dress and shoes you want, tux, etc for the last 2 months and I'm GUEST?!?!?! Well fuck you.

So next year when we have our wedding, I am going to do the same, it will be addressed to Mr. E and GUEST. I probably will put GUEST in capitals just to get my point across and will make sure not to tell you when the rehearsal dinner is until after you make your flight arrangements. Better yet, just don't come, I'm sure I will see enough of you to last me a life time when we go to your little shin dig.

Signed,GUEST aka Diane (Yes, I really do have a name, or in your cell do you have me listed as GUEST?)

P.S. If I didn't tell you before...FUCK OFF!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

We got dogs - 8 to be exact

I forgot, there was a huge portion of time I spent on our dogs. Not real ones of course. Geez, I couldn't imagine having 8 dogs! I'm not a catlady and certainly don't run a zoo. Toby got Madison Nintendogs for her DS and I have taken over it. I was obsessed with getting to $50,000 so I could buy the beach house, just to see what it looked like.

So I had to train, walk, feed, clean...the whole 9 yards until I got to that point. I seriously devoted at least 2 weeks to that. It was fun. Now my next mission is to get to $100,000 to buy the spaceship house. I will work on that was exhausting walking all those dogs!

We have a bunch of different breeds, but I have to say my favorite is Maximus, he is a minpin and adorable!

The 4th

We went to a bbq at Tobys moms house for lunch, took the kids to the park to let out some energy. Madison ran around this huge track around the park in 2min & 23sec...I was quite impressed. We just might have a track star on our hands! Then Toby had to work that night, so I figured I would go down to the marina with the kids to watch the fireworks. What was I thinking?!?!?!? Everyone in our city must have been out on the street on the way to the marina and they had the exit blocked off! So, we found this little strip mall that was packed with cars, and totally blocked a bunch of cars, opened up the sun roof and we had an AWESOME view of the fireworks! Plus, once we were done, since we blocked everyone, no waiting for everyone to pull out, and got home in 5 minutes! Nicky was stoked over the 'pretties' and had a great time, this was his first real fire work experience, the other ones he slept through. Maddie had a good view poking her head out the sun roof and I got some trippy pics. It was a good day!

Holy Moly!!

I have been gone fo-eva!!!!! I've read some peoples blogs here and there, but have seriously been MIA. No reason to even give, except laziness! Toby has been using the computer more for his ipod stuff, and he's been home more so I don't get on when he is home, thats pretty much my only excuse. Not too much has gone on since my last post, but here goes:

* Planning for the kids bday party
*4th of July
* Planning for the kids bday party
* Getting ready for our vaca
* Planning for the kids bday party
* Bought the kids new shoes (I know its SO exciting)
* Did I say planning for the kids bday party?

Thats about it, I have been seriously obsessing over this party. I don't know why, its just the fam coming over, but I want them to have a good time and memories. So, we're having a Luau on Sunday, bbq with games...I will for sure show pictures.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

A day late, but it was a busy weekend! Saturday we celebrated my bday with a bbq with Tobys family. Great cake. And we went to see Kung Fu Panda, hil-freaking-larious.

Sunday, for fathers day, I woke up early. Maddie woke up early too, Gwen refused to get out of bed, you know pre-teens. Nicky had snuck into our bed at about 0430 and stayed in there a while. I baked a cake and prepped it for icing. Then made a breakfast for the family. Each kid made Toby a handmade card. Madison wrote something along the lines of - Get er done. LOL...she told us she wrote that to her uncle too. I haven't the faintest where she got it from, obviously not from us. But none the less, I found it amusing. After breakfast we went to see the Incredible Hulk...Nicky calls him the Incredible HUNK...Toby does NOT find this funny. I do! Ha ha! Then we rented the Avengers, we came home, I made dinner and put the movie in and old lady me fell asleep on the couch at about 7pm!

Happy Fathers day Dad and Toby...I love you both!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Ha ha...can you tell how I've dropped a lot of days? I'm over Mondays and Wednesdays and weekends...those are boring. Tues, Thurs and Friday work for me. So onto today, Thursday, what I'm thankful for.

In no particular order

  • My bff - Shes super cool and always has my back. Even through a lot of bologna we had in the past she was still there standing strong. I love you girl.
  • Having a car that works - Considering where I work, if I didn't have a car, I would be royally screwed. I love you my little car.
  • Corona - Yum. With lime of course.
  • Perfect afternoons - the ones where you can sit outside without baking and the wind blows softly around you. Ahhhhhh

Join in - Lets hear what you are thankful for!

Boobies For Sale

Come and get em. They are yours if you want them. I'm done with them. They are too big and saggy. You can have them for free actually, just pay to get em' out and put em' in you. I seriously don't want to hear from someone that I'm lucky. I'm not. My back hurts and I look hideous in shirts and other things. I wanted this bathing suit, it was even the halter type to support them, but they totally were bulging out the sides and the tie at the top looked like it was going to bust open. I refuse to wear a one piece, fug.
So if you want them, you can have them. Hey, maybe I can sell them on can sell anything on ebay. hmmmm

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A few pictures

Of Madisons first couple of days and one of my mom too.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

I didn't do all the laundry, only about 3.5%, Toby did the rest. But I put it I'm claiming the pictures.


Friday, June 6, 2008

You know you're a mom if...

You bring your coffee creamer to work in a sippy cup.

Are you guilty?

So Renae showed us this blog. Hil-arious. I have to admit though that I am guilty myself of some of these things. I am so far from being rich that I could literally blend in with some of the day-labor guys down at Home Depot some mornings.

My sins:

#2 - Dumb baby names. - I don't think my kids names are dumb. At all. I did name them afterall. I do know that after I named Madison, 5 million other people did too. I did not follow a trend. I had a good reason for naming her that. You might be thinking great 'president' name. Which it could be. The real reason was - Splash. Yes, the movie. I loved that movie when I was a kid...I wanted to be a mermaid so badly! So, to me its not so bad, but people are always criticizing that name.

#9 - Cell phones for children - Madison has one. Not so she can call her girlfriends and chat about Hannah Montana or what outfit her barbie is wearing this week. She has it because I am cheap and its cheaper for her to be on my plan rather than me calling her dads phone.

#12 - High end child photographers - Yes, I take my own kids pictures, so I'm not paying out the kazoo for one. BUT, I fit the profile of posing them 'artistically' and in black and white. Guilty.

#14 - The Nintendo Wii - We have one. Got it for the girls for Christmas. Secretly though, I wanted to play it. Its great having kids as an excuse to buy things like this.

#15 - Childrens books - Definitely have more books than they read. Some have never been opened. Mostly because Nicky for example has his favorites. He will pitch a fit if he doesn't get to read the ones we have read 5 billion times. My laziness succumbs to reading that same book rather than dealing.

#16 - Wine - Yes I like wine. I really am not a wino, despite what Toby will tell you. I did have 5 bottles open in the fridge at one time though. I was having my own personal wine tasting session.

#26 - Baby Einstein - I didn't buy these because I thought he would become some genius. I really just wanted to let the good o'l tv babysit him for a few minutes here and there when I was doing my school work. It did the trick too.

#27 - Britax Carseats - We have two. I cave to peer pressure WAY to easily. It is a great carseat though, holds up to 80lbs in a 5pt harness. Although I'm sure that if Nicky is still under 80lbs (highly unlikely) by the time he is 8, he will have ripped me a new one for making him sit in a carseat at that age.

#29 - Webkinz - Both girls have these. I did not buy them. I think they are ridiculous.

So I'm not the best parent ever...but I'm pretty darn close!

Just because

Today is the day!

Madison comes tonight!! I can not wait to see her! I will be taking way too many pictures and probably stealing even more hugs. Will post pics either this weekend or beginning of next week!

Photo Friday

I am such a liar. I said I would be taking my own photos. Not today. I am butt ass tired. Why you ask? Nicholas was the biggest turdbucket last night. Picked my mom up from the airport, hasn't seen him in over 2 years, and he proceeds to be a complete jerk all night. Then wakes up at 23:00 fa-reaking over who knows what. I bring him into my bed so he doesn't wake her. Then wakes back up at a little past midnight I think it was. Screaming, kicking, hitting. THE works. Alarm goes off at 04:15. Beautiful. envision of happy right now is a big comfy bed. I swear I will try to take my own next week.

Join in - Weekly photo challenge. Each week I will post what the challenge is for the next week. The photo can come from anywhere, I will be taking mine personally, but you don't have to! Next weeks topic - Water. Interpret this however you like!