Thursday, October 16, 2008


Is it Christmas? Tagged twice in one week???? Ida tagged me this time.

Random facts.

1. I have two gray hairs. I got them the beginning of this year I think it was. I pluck them every so often. How sad.

2. My favorite color is pink. It used to be pink when I was little too, then I 'grew' out of that. But pink is BACK!

3. I can touch my tongue to my nose.

4. There are a bunch of undies in my drawer that I have never worn. They were super cute at the store, but when I got them home...WAY too scandelous for me.

5. I wish it were fall. All year long.

6. Pumpkin should be a staple in every single food. Seriously could eat it all the time.

7. I'm probably one of the very few women who do not worship Oprah.

Four and Four, I am supposed to go to my picture folder and open the fourth folder and then open the fourth picture and talk about it.

This was a pic from last Christmas, I was trying to be artsy and make a cute picture. These were one of the blurry ones of Gwen. But I followed the rules and picked the fourth from the fourth, so this is what you get....LOL

I tag Candace, Kim, Professor, Shaunee, Shell, Jules and Dani


Professor said...

Okay- thank you!!! Coming up sometime next week!

Kim said...

Ok totally random comment as it has nothing to do with the post.

New photos? of the kids? (and you) Anytime soon? Hmm?

Diane said...

kim...I have some on the laptop that I fully intended on uploading. Toby is out of town and took the laptop and all the pics. When he gets back I will fo sho. No one has really changed though...we all look the same :) Except for Nicky, for a period there he looked like a chemo patient. Hairjobs gone wrong.

Kim said...

I don't care if everyone looks the same, I want photos. Besides you are contractually obligated to provide their grandparents with photos!

Plus I need something to put up on the wall. AND you never sent me the family pics from Christmas!

(was that good guilt giving? I try.)

Tiburon said...

Love it :)