Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Gwen!

I am WAY late on her bday, it was on the 20th, but we were out of I have an excuse :)

Can you believe she is 11? This picture was taken at the wedding, she is such a pretty girl! She whispered in her dads ear when they saw each other after she got her hair done - Daddy, don't I look like Elizabeth Swan from Pirates? Too freaking cute. Happy Birthday princess, you mean too much to us to even tell. We love you to pieces and you are growing up to be such a wonderful young lady! Happy birthday...xoxo

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Nicky boy!!!!

I'm a day late, but yesterday was insane! Yesterday was Nickys 3rd birthday! Yes, I have managed to keep him alive 3 years...and with only 1 trip to the ER! Nicholas is by far the cutest little boy I have ever laid eyes on. I know, I know, he's mine, all mothers feel that way. But its true with this one. He truly has me wrapped around his little finger. Knows all the right buttons to make me melt. I know one day he will be bigger than me, but right now I'm completely enjoying his tiny little voice and small hands that grab my face and pull me close to to lay a big wet one on my cheek!

A couple of pictures to remember the last few years. I didn't get to take one yesterday on his actual bday, but the ones I have on here aren't that old.

Our first kiss:

Grumpy little old man - just a day old:

1st bday:

2yr bday:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another PSA

According to 'First' magazine, it says that 'Wine Slashes Dementia Risk By 70%.' The exact article reads:

That's the conclusion Swedish scientists reached after conducting a study
that took place over a period of 34 years. The credit likely goes to
wine's potent stores of resveratrol. This grape derived antioxidant
hinders the formation of beta-amyloid, an abnormal brain protein linked to
cognitive decline.

You don't have to tell me twice, I already have a bad memory, I don't need to wind up like the chick in the Notebook! And if you're wondering, I don't normally read 'First' magazine, but the front said: Drop 16lbs in 1 week! I am such a sucker for crap like that.

Stupid Bitch

Stupid Bitch,I didn't even want to go to your wedding. I doubt your marriage will last, you are a stupid twit. But, you are Tobys best friends fiance, and I will suck it up and do what I have to do to make him happy. I would have rather spent the $300 + I spent on our outfits/dress, etc on my kids bday party, but this is the way it goes.

You don't send us an invitation, I don't know if thats custom since toby is the best man and gwen is a bridesmaid, but still...too bad I don't know where you are registered now, guess I can't get you a gift you stupid bitch. Thanks for telling us AFTER I buy my plane ticket that the rehearsal dinner is on the night I am flying out. I would have bought it for the day earlier had I known. Also, same goes for the bridal lunch gwen was invited to, of course she can't attend since its a couple days before they arrive.Again, I didn't want to go to your stupid wedding, since you ignored the shit out of me the first and only time we met even though I tried to make conversation with you. SO, you give me Gwens dress info (color, code) less than 2 months before the wedding, gives me a TON of time to go order it, and the freaking place takes 10-12 weeks to get it in once placed. You text me over and over bugging the shit out of me during the week if I have ordered the dress yet. I have to obviously wait until I have Gwen with us to go try one on, which is over an hour away from us. I have to kiss ass to get your fucking dress to me on time, and they don't even have you in their fucking computer. Nice. Same applies to Tobys tux, you RUSH us and tell us we HAVE to get there ASAP to get fitted, we do and then AGAIN, they don't have your info in the computer, so we have to bring the measurements in later. WHY??? Because you all haven't gone in to register with them...WHY the fuck did you rush US?!?!? Then you text me, some during the middle of the night about the exact shoes you want for her. Well sweetheart, she's a ten year old tomboy who has never worn heels before. Do you really want her stumbling down the aisle on your big day? I personally think it would be hilarious just because you would get sore over it, but I think more of Gwen. So I got her shoes, the color you want, "strappy", but they are VERY low, almost flat heels. Deal.

STILL. in the long run, I've dealt with much worse. The insulting thing was that we receive the invitation for the rehearsal dinner, which you know I can't attend because you're a whore and told us after we bought our tickets that it was the night I am flying out...and what does it say on there? Toby M and GUEST. GUEST?!? You have been texting me non stop about the fucking dress and shoes you want, tux, etc for the last 2 months and I'm GUEST?!?!?! Well fuck you.

So next year when we have our wedding, I am going to do the same, it will be addressed to Mr. E and GUEST. I probably will put GUEST in capitals just to get my point across and will make sure not to tell you when the rehearsal dinner is until after you make your flight arrangements. Better yet, just don't come, I'm sure I will see enough of you to last me a life time when we go to your little shin dig.

Signed,GUEST aka Diane (Yes, I really do have a name, or in your cell do you have me listed as GUEST?)

P.S. If I didn't tell you before...FUCK OFF!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

We got dogs - 8 to be exact

I forgot, there was a huge portion of time I spent on our dogs. Not real ones of course. Geez, I couldn't imagine having 8 dogs! I'm not a catlady and certainly don't run a zoo. Toby got Madison Nintendogs for her DS and I have taken over it. I was obsessed with getting to $50,000 so I could buy the beach house, just to see what it looked like.

So I had to train, walk, feed, clean...the whole 9 yards until I got to that point. I seriously devoted at least 2 weeks to that. It was fun. Now my next mission is to get to $100,000 to buy the spaceship house. I will work on that was exhausting walking all those dogs!

We have a bunch of different breeds, but I have to say my favorite is Maximus, he is a minpin and adorable!

The 4th

We went to a bbq at Tobys moms house for lunch, took the kids to the park to let out some energy. Madison ran around this huge track around the park in 2min & 23sec...I was quite impressed. We just might have a track star on our hands! Then Toby had to work that night, so I figured I would go down to the marina with the kids to watch the fireworks. What was I thinking?!?!?!? Everyone in our city must have been out on the street on the way to the marina and they had the exit blocked off! So, we found this little strip mall that was packed with cars, and totally blocked a bunch of cars, opened up the sun roof and we had an AWESOME view of the fireworks! Plus, once we were done, since we blocked everyone, no waiting for everyone to pull out, and got home in 5 minutes! Nicky was stoked over the 'pretties' and had a great time, this was his first real fire work experience, the other ones he slept through. Maddie had a good view poking her head out the sun roof and I got some trippy pics. It was a good day!

Holy Moly!!

I have been gone fo-eva!!!!! I've read some peoples blogs here and there, but have seriously been MIA. No reason to even give, except laziness! Toby has been using the computer more for his ipod stuff, and he's been home more so I don't get on when he is home, thats pretty much my only excuse. Not too much has gone on since my last post, but here goes:

* Planning for the kids bday party
*4th of July
* Planning for the kids bday party
* Getting ready for our vaca
* Planning for the kids bday party
* Bought the kids new shoes (I know its SO exciting)
* Did I say planning for the kids bday party?

Thats about it, I have been seriously obsessing over this party. I don't know why, its just the fam coming over, but I want them to have a good time and memories. So, we're having a Luau on Sunday, bbq with games...I will for sure show pictures.