Thursday, July 10, 2008

The 4th

We went to a bbq at Tobys moms house for lunch, took the kids to the park to let out some energy. Madison ran around this huge track around the park in 2min & 23sec...I was quite impressed. We just might have a track star on our hands! Then Toby had to work that night, so I figured I would go down to the marina with the kids to watch the fireworks. What was I thinking?!?!?!? Everyone in our city must have been out on the street on the way to the marina and they had the exit blocked off! So, we found this little strip mall that was packed with cars, and totally blocked a bunch of cars, opened up the sun roof and we had an AWESOME view of the fireworks! Plus, once we were done, since we blocked everyone, no waiting for everyone to pull out, and got home in 5 minutes! Nicky was stoked over the 'pretties' and had a great time, this was his first real fire work experience, the other ones he slept through. Maddie had a good view poking her head out the sun roof and I got some trippy pics. It was a good day!


Professor said...

These are f***ing awesome!!! (can I swear here?) These are great- how did you do it??? Mine turned out crappy! Good pics and sounds like a great day!

Diane said...

You are hilarious...NO, you can NOT swear here! Strike 1!

My camera has 'firework' mode, but honestly it worked like crap, they are way has a huge delay, so you have to stand perfectly still to get it somewhat unfuzzy.

Professor said...

a firework button? Jesus Mary and Joseph that is waaaaaaaaaaaaay cool! (And why do I think there was some sarcasm about swearing when I just finished reading the fucking stupid bitch post??? hmmmm?)