Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Gwen!

I am WAY late on her bday, it was on the 20th, but we were out of I have an excuse :)

Can you believe she is 11? This picture was taken at the wedding, she is such a pretty girl! She whispered in her dads ear when they saw each other after she got her hair done - Daddy, don't I look like Elizabeth Swan from Pirates? Too freaking cute. Happy Birthday princess, you mean too much to us to even tell. We love you to pieces and you are growing up to be such a wonderful young lady! Happy birthday...xoxo


Professor said...

She is simply beautiful. Happy late birthday to her... so lovely!

Julia said...

she does look like elizabeth swan!

she is beautiful diane :)

Diane said...

thanks guys! Although of course I have no part in her beauty, thats all due to pops and her pretty mama! I do like it when strangers say 'my daughter' looks so much like me...I wish.

Shaunee said...

Gwen is so pretty! That picture looks like it could be a print ad or something!