Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'll Pass

I HATE spam. Hate. Hate. Hate it. I spend at least 10min sorting through spam. For some reason normal peoples emails get sent to my spam folder and I have to go through the folder - if I didn't write you back, its probably because it went to the spam folder and I accidentally deleted it. So its great and all that the junk goes to the spam folder (except for the reg mail that ends up there sometimes). What irks me is that spam ends up in my INBOX. The spot where I would like to feel safe with my friends and other crap that I might have signed up for like my billpay stuff. Not that I like bills, but....

I'm not a pervert or anything, so why do I get this crap that makes me feel like one?!?!? I swear I don't go to naughty sites and look at boobies and other x rated sites. Even if I did, I certainly wouldn't sign up for their MAILING list. So tell me why I get emails asking if I want to look at peoples hooters or wangs????

The most recent one that I got made me laugh and irritated me at the same time. It read: HEY I PUT NEW HOT PICTURES OF ME AT MY SITE. The sender? Oh, his name is Maynard Duran. C' want to send spam...get a better name than MAYNARD! No offense to anyone who may have a father, brother, uncle, grandfather, aunt or 22nd cousin named maynard. I just think its funny to send something like that and have a name like that. Thats an old mans HOT could your pictures be? I know 'Diane' is an older name, but I'm not THAT old. Stick to the Madge's and Gertrudes....don't send me your junk! Literally.


Professor said...

"Do me Maynard. Ride me Big Maynard..." Maynard does your taxes... LOL- I too hate spam!

Ida said...

haha Maynard, you know you google porn every chance you get! j/k

I get those emails too come look at my photos. I don't care to look at those photos.