Saturday, October 25, 2008

Check it

I've finally updated the family blog, if you have time, check it out!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Is it Christmas? Tagged twice in one week???? Ida tagged me this time.

Random facts.

1. I have two gray hairs. I got them the beginning of this year I think it was. I pluck them every so often. How sad.

2. My favorite color is pink. It used to be pink when I was little too, then I 'grew' out of that. But pink is BACK!

3. I can touch my tongue to my nose.

4. There are a bunch of undies in my drawer that I have never worn. They were super cute at the store, but when I got them home...WAY too scandelous for me.

5. I wish it were fall. All year long.

6. Pumpkin should be a staple in every single food. Seriously could eat it all the time.

7. I'm probably one of the very few women who do not worship Oprah.

Four and Four, I am supposed to go to my picture folder and open the fourth folder and then open the fourth picture and talk about it.

This was a pic from last Christmas, I was trying to be artsy and make a cute picture. These were one of the blurry ones of Gwen. But I followed the rules and picked the fourth from the fourth, so this is what you get....LOL

I tag Candace, Kim, Professor, Shaunee, Shell, Jules and Dani

I was tagged!

Kim tagged me and I am beyond honored, here are my Top 11:

1.) Clothing Store: Old Navy
2.) Furniture Store: Um, the furniture store in town, have no clue what its called.
3.)Sweet: chocolate!
4.)city: Gatlinberg
5.)Drink: Margarita
6.)music: I don't have a preference of music type, it depends on my mood
7.) TV: True Blood, Heroes, Family Guy, Cho Show
8.)Film: Anchorman
9.) workout: jog 3 times a week, strength training 3 times a week. Going to try and walk 3 other days a week, but that will take a LOT of will...don't know if I have that!
10.)pastries: pumpkin cream cheese roll.
11.) coffee: Ice white chocolate mocha

I'm tagging Candace and Ida!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Figured it out

Pretty sure that my body can gain weight by smell. Our office is butt up against a bakery. Not a little mom and pops bakery. A big one. With huge ovens and they're cooling trays must be directly next to the vent that leads into our office. OMG. It smells heavenly, but certainly does not help a fat girl try and resist eating bad stuff. Neither does the tray of 'oopsies' that they have out for know the ugly muffins and cookies.

Do ugly muffins and cookies contain as many calories as the pretty ones?

Check it

If you do just one thing today, make sure you check out Tibs giveaway. This could quite possible be the best giveaway. Ever.

Exam Tomorrow

I am nervous and excited all at the same time - would that be 'nercited?' Tomorrow is the big day. I have an exam for a position that I would love to have. I don't want to say exactly what its for (although some of you know already), don't want to jinx myself in any way. This would be a stepping stone in the field that I eventually want to have my career in. My education would finally be paying off, that student loan I have wouldn't seem so worthless. I report tomorrow at 8am and it is approximately 3 hours. Couldn't find any study materials, they gave a brief overview of how the exam is conducted, but I am the type that likes to read as much as possible to be a step ahead of the other candidates. I did borrow a book from a friends guypal who applied for a similar test, so I do have that under my belt and will review it again tonight. Absolutely nercited!
*While I was searching for 'exam' images, I found this one. THAT in your mental image case for a while. And is that a banana peel she has in her hands??*

Could it be?

Is that right? Rain? What's that? Water falling from the sky? Oh my goodness, could it be? Could we finally be getting rain? It has lit-erally been almost a year since we have got a real rain. They are predicting rain tonight and tomorrow. I am absolutely stoked. I LOVE the rain, plus our sprinklers could take a day off.