Friday, June 6, 2008

Are you guilty?

So Renae showed us this blog. Hil-arious. I have to admit though that I am guilty myself of some of these things. I am so far from being rich that I could literally blend in with some of the day-labor guys down at Home Depot some mornings.

My sins:

#2 - Dumb baby names. - I don't think my kids names are dumb. At all. I did name them afterall. I do know that after I named Madison, 5 million other people did too. I did not follow a trend. I had a good reason for naming her that. You might be thinking great 'president' name. Which it could be. The real reason was - Splash. Yes, the movie. I loved that movie when I was a kid...I wanted to be a mermaid so badly! So, to me its not so bad, but people are always criticizing that name.

#9 - Cell phones for children - Madison has one. Not so she can call her girlfriends and chat about Hannah Montana or what outfit her barbie is wearing this week. She has it because I am cheap and its cheaper for her to be on my plan rather than me calling her dads phone.

#12 - High end child photographers - Yes, I take my own kids pictures, so I'm not paying out the kazoo for one. BUT, I fit the profile of posing them 'artistically' and in black and white. Guilty.

#14 - The Nintendo Wii - We have one. Got it for the girls for Christmas. Secretly though, I wanted to play it. Its great having kids as an excuse to buy things like this.

#15 - Childrens books - Definitely have more books than they read. Some have never been opened. Mostly because Nicky for example has his favorites. He will pitch a fit if he doesn't get to read the ones we have read 5 billion times. My laziness succumbs to reading that same book rather than dealing.

#16 - Wine - Yes I like wine. I really am not a wino, despite what Toby will tell you. I did have 5 bottles open in the fridge at one time though. I was having my own personal wine tasting session.

#26 - Baby Einstein - I didn't buy these because I thought he would become some genius. I really just wanted to let the good o'l tv babysit him for a few minutes here and there when I was doing my school work. It did the trick too.

#27 - Britax Carseats - We have two. I cave to peer pressure WAY to easily. It is a great carseat though, holds up to 80lbs in a 5pt harness. Although I'm sure that if Nicky is still under 80lbs (highly unlikely) by the time he is 8, he will have ripped me a new one for making him sit in a carseat at that age.

#29 - Webkinz - Both girls have these. I did not buy them. I think they are ridiculous.

So I'm not the best parent ever...but I'm pretty darn close!


Lilith said...

My oldest, who will be 13 next friday (yep she turns 13 on Friday the 13th should I be scared?) has begged and begged for at least 2 years for a cell phone.

Her reasoning is what if she was going to walk home from school and it's raining, she needs to have a cell phone to call me. Umm, NO, walk your little butt back into the school and use their phone! LOL

Diane said...

Hey, her bday is a day before mine...another gemini. I bet shes a handful for you! And yes, always be afraid of a 13 year old...they are scary creatures! LOL at walking in the rain. Can you imagine paying $30 for a possible one call a month? Well, I guess considering where you hardly ever rains here!

Kim said...

well my kids all have cell phones (ok not the babies and not Jake, but that's only because he lost his). We have so many kids and they are always off doing something somewhere that I think it just makes sense. Besides, we do the 'pay as you go' from Verizon so it cuts down on costs.

and I like your kids names. But I named mine Ian and Connor and I do hear about that sometimes. Or people can't pronounce Connor's middle name.

Lilith said...

Yeah we do get some rain here (looking at the weather report and the new storm coming in, 3rd or 4th one this week).

I'm with you though, if we get her a phone, we'll just put her on our plan. It's only $10 more a month and we already have unlimited texting so she could type till her fingers fall off. LOL

BiBi said...

We had the same thing with the books. Some had never been opened, now Oscar needs new ones to be read!

Professor said...

This whole concept makes me laugh.... and wow, I thought I gave in to purchasing and or doing some of that stuff just because... little did I know I was bucking to wear the Best Parent title crown... wow!