Thursday, June 5, 2008

Increasing my value

My sticker price right now isn't that high. The way jobs are going right now, its difficult to find a job. Period. I would love to get my BS, but I can't even fathom tacking on anymore money to my student loan. Knowing a second language, especially Spanish where we live would definitely help.

I decided about 2 years ago that I was going to learn Spanish. Considering where I lived, I thought that it would be a great asset to me as well. We were pretty much the only 'gringos' in my neighborhood. I'm not even kidding. Gave myself a year. A year is pretty decent to at least start. Didn't think it was that bad, I mean, if my one year old son at the time could speak more Spanish than English, I certainly could.

Never happened. So, I'm kicking this into gear now. I have a long commute to work, so I bought some audio cd's to listen to.

Todays lesson - the alphabet. I did take 3 years of Spanish between middle school and High School...I should know some of it. It was fairly easy and the woman speaking made it tolerable and I picked up a few things I didn't know or remember.

Who knows maybe in a couple of months I will be able to write one whole post in Spanish. I'm not guaranteeing it will be long, maybe only a few sentences, but that will be my short term goal.


Professor said...

You can do it! I have faith!

2 summers ago I took a Spanish class since my client base was 50% Hispanic (I blogged about those efforts!)- the only thing I can now say is "shoes"... yeah go figure... :)

Diane said...

Sweet, I have more goodies to read! I made it through this year, now I'm going back further. Shoes is always good to know!

Lilith said...

Greetings Diane, I found you through the Professor and she's lying about the spanish, she can say Green Shoes! LOL

I'm right along with you though, I want to learn Spanish, but getting my butt in gear to do it seems to be an issue!

Diane said...

Hi Lilith...nice to meet you. Thanks for the potty training tips. Such a hassle. Guess how many pennies he has gotten since that last post? Like 2. I've given back up for a little while longer. argh.