Tuesday, June 3, 2008

People amaze me

For any of you that don't know my profession, I work for a limousine company. Why do most people let out a little burst of excitement when they hear that? No, its not glamorous. No, I don't see movie stars all the time. In fact I have only seen a couple in my entire life. There is nothing spectacular about my job or my office. If anything it is quite the opposite. I deal with a bunch of a-holes all day, complaining about this or that. Yes, this is my job. I accept that, I'm just completely surprised by people and their arrogance sometimes.

This guy calls to bitch about his pick up. This isn't unusual for him though, he makes a complaint almost every single time he travels. He tells the guy that he booked the car for 05:30, it is currently 05:25. The dispatcher he speaks to tells him that we have the car scheduled for 05:45, but he's only a few minutes out, so he should be there by 05:30 anyways. Chauffeur arrives at 05:31. This dickwad tells him, I know for a fact that I booked it for 05:30, I am absolutely positive that I booked it for that time...so much that I will pay 3 times the normal amount if I am wrong.

I listen to the tape. Guess what time he said? 05:45. So, now do I have the right to charge him 3 times the amount??? I freaking wish. We would be able to recoup all the past money I gave away to him to shut him up when he kept freaking out about this or that.

This was just one idiot I had to deal with today.


Julia said...

what a twit.

i'm so glad i don't work right now. i have no patience whatsoever for idiots like that.

Professor said...

What a jerk! If there was someway you could just let him know and "make a joke" about the 3x thing, just to prove your point, it would be worth it! What an ass!

(And a friend of mine worked for a limo company and said there is nothing glamorous about cleaning up puke in the back after some ride tossed his cookies... ewwww!)