Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today was a good day. Actually it wasn't today, it was technically yesterday since it is now 1am. Not much to report, but it was special. I worked on Candaces background, header and colors most of the night. Nicky and I watched SpongeBob after dinner before he headed off to bed, then he woke up and crawled into bed with me and rolled around, after about a half hour of that I couldn't stand it and put him back in his bed.

Then I stumbled across the discovery channel and Survivorman came on, which led me to my next thought. Which show is better, Survivorman or Man v. Wild? Well, I'll give you my answer, technically they are equal since they both have a trait that I can't stand about both of them, but if I HAD to pick, it would be Man v. Wild. I will explain. Survivorman...the guy who's on it bothers me. Its partially to do with his accent and mostly because of the way he talks. He's such bada$$, but he never swears. Unbelievable. Imagine this, he falls off a mountain (just an example) and breaks both arms and both legs, and says something to this effect: Oh poopy pants, what a shame. The situations he gets into, a "$hit" or "damn" has to escape his lips at least once. The only thing I don't like about Man v. Wild is they always play the same episodes over and over! I told you if I had to chose which one I pick best it would be Man v. Wild, and my reason is because he doesn't own Discovery Channel and can't pick which episodes they play, so its really not his fault. I tried to make a poll for this, but internet explorer is not working, or so it says. If it comes back up, take the poll, I must know.

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