Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sexy Mother Pucker

Well the name alone drew me into this strange lip gloss, I expected SO much more out of it unfortunately. I don't particularly like glosses that have a strong scent to them, especially food scents. More specifically burnt coffee scent. Since there was no color label on it, I picked the one pictured above, I guess it would be 'mocha.' Although their lab workers really need to hone in on the actual smell of it. Because if they were targeting Starbucks, they got closer to day old 7-11 coffee.

Anyways, the concept of it is to obviously...make your lips juicier/plumper. I was not blessed with Angelia Jolie lips, not even close, so I thought this would be a great booster. Don't be deceived by the packaging, I didn't notice a bit of difference. The only thing that I did notice was the tingling it gives you. If you've ever had a cold sore, its THAT kind of tingling. Not exactly enjoyable, I wanted to instantly grab the closest cloth near me and wipe it off. Unfortunately I was wearing a shirt I liked and didn't think Nicky would appreciate it. So I left it on. If, even after you read this horrible review, you decide to purchase overpriced lip gloss...the tingling does stop after about 10 minutes.


Hope Floats said...

I hate those lip glosses. lol

You crack me up. The name is pretty cool though :)

Kim said...

HEY! Guess what? Your friendly neighborhood StepMother is now selling a WAY COOL skin care/cosmetics line and they offer a lip gloss plumper upper and I just ordered and should have it in couple days so I'll let you know how it is.

Not that I really needed plumper lips, but still.

Diane said...

Yeah, let me know...I NEED pictures though.