Thursday, April 17, 2008


Two nights in a row I have had the same thing. I could probably live off this...I had to tell the world. Or at least people who don't know about it. My best friend, Candace, introduced me to it...and it is DELIWISHES (as Nicky would say). I make a salad out of romaine hearts, chopped tomatoes, sunflower seeds, lightly salted tortilla strips (awesome new item I discovered) and over course the most important part - El Torito salad dressing. It is sort of strong so I put about a teaspoon of ranch dressing to calm it down a bit. I also thought maybe some black beans and corn would be good in it too, but I haven't tried that. Oh and avocados. Oh geez...I could go on and on, anyways, you HAVE to try this dressing...its SO good, but I'm sure VERY fattening.


Adam's Mom said...

I wonder if it's available in Canada yet? sounds gooooood

Melissa said...

I always buy the Pint of dressing from El can also used pumpkin seeds as alternative to sunflower seeds. I soo want El Torito now...YUM!

Diane said...

oh man melissa, I'm lucky there isn't an El Terito within reasonable driving distance, but I want the pint AND some of their food!