Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chatty Cathy

I feel like I have so much to say today! By the way, I was deathly afraid of Chatty Cathy when I was a little girl, my mom had one that she saved and I had in my room. Ok, so maybe she didn't come with the butcher knife as I added above, but I sure felt as though there was something evil about her. And her hair was not as nicely groomed as this one, I think my mom might have been an aspiring beautician gone wrong. I thought she and her little buddy the ugly baby were going to crawl out of my closet at night and get me. It never happened, but I did ask my mom to kindly remove the ugly dolls from my room.

Spoke to Miss Madison today and I could jump for joy, she is a smart cookie! She made AB Honor Roll. I always have known that she was smart, but it just warms my heart that she has solid proof for herself that she is doing well. She was so proud to tell me that she made the honor roll and how well she has been doing. She explained to me how plants grow and a few weeks ago she was telling me about insects and the parts of their body. She has a wonderful memory, so I know she will do well the upcoming years and look forward to see what grabs her attention and what she decides to do. Whatever it is I know she will succeed and will change the world in one way or another. Just had to brag on my little smarty pants!


Adam's Mom said...

way to go Madison! You have every right to be proud!

Oh and Chatty Cathy is creepy

Kim said...

WTG Madison!! Brilliance runs in the family.