Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cut my hair

Finally after almost a year I decided it was time to chop the mop. Call me lazy, but an hour to dry my hair was entirely too long. I wanted layers, but the last time I got layers, about 10 years ago, they messed up so bad, I chopped my hair super short because of it. I was trusting of the girl who did it and told her only to take a little off the longest and do some layers that I could work with. I am completely happy with what she did, a hairdresser who listens to you. Imagine that. So, the longest parts 4-5 inches or so and about 8-9 inches at the shorter parts. It doesn't look that much shorter, but it feels so much better, lighter and more body. She added the curls, my hair is stick straight. Dont mind the weird angles, its really hard taking pics of your own hair.




Kim said...

OMG I love it!!!!

Tiburon said...

It looks lovely. You are smokin! Rowr

Candace said...

Wow a hair dresser that listens to you?? where'd you find that, cause the bitch who cut hair was NOT listening to me.. then again she barely spoke english.. and charged a hundred and something.. no im not bitter at all!! I
love your hair though, it curls really nicly on the ends..I'm having a long talk w/ god cause my hair does not grow nearly as fast as yours.. and I'm telling him its not exactly fair..

Adam's Mom said...

You and your hair are so pretty

Diane said...

well candace, while you are chatting with him, tell him its not exactly fair that you get a skinny top, and I'm fat on both top and bottom. why don't you write THAT down?

thank you everyone for the nice comments on my new hairs!

Kati said...

I forgot just how long your hair was. It was beautiful before, and the curls make it you even more pretty