Thursday, May 8, 2008

Festival was a bust

Yep, I don't know if it was because we got there too early, although it was 2 hours into it, it should have been decent, but there wasn't much going on. We walked up and down the waterfront and the kids were amused by the music coming out of the fake rocks. Went over to the bouncer, thought that they would both like that, Ame did, but Nicky wasn't going for it. I then struggled with him to put his shoes back on. Didn't want to jump, but wanted to walk around like a homeless with his shoes off. shrug. The 'petting zoo' consisted of some llamas that looked like they had a dose of chemo therapy and the kids were only allowed to touch the necks. The kids were not impressed. I got one pic of us walking over to the festival of Ame and Nicky holding hands, so cute. Anywho...we then went over to Grandma Susans for Ame's birthday party. Blew some bubbles, ate some grub and then moved on to cake and presents. Neither Ame or Nicky are very good sharers.

Nicky: Oooooo pressssents

Ame: Dos Ame's presents

Nicky: nuh present

Ame: NO, dem mine!

And repeat.

I expect the same thing to happen vice versa in two months at Nickys party. It was nice though, the kids over all had a good time. Sam was pleasant as always, such a cutie...always smiling!

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Ida said...

awww man sorry the festival was a bust. But they look so cute in the pictures. Cake looks so yummy