Monday, May 12, 2008

Potty Training...oh boy

Well, we have been trying to potty train nicky, not too much though. I pushed Madison too much and it turned for the worse, so I tried to be more lax with Nicky, but he wasn't catching on fast enough. Our goal is to have him done by 3. Yes, I know thats old, but thats where we are. Stickers are out of the question, they will be EVERYWHERE. Kiddie crack (candy) is a no go, he already has enough energy. We're trying pennies, he loves his dollars (ha ha, I'm such a cheapie). That wasn't enough either, he needs to be on a schedule, he does better that way. We ordered him this nifty potty watch that reminds him to go every 90 minutes and it came in the mail today! I figured I wouldn't delay it, might as well start right away, especially since he saw it and I showed it to him when I was ordering it, so he couldn't very well wear it without actually using it. He went each time it went off tonight and got 2 pennies! Way to go Nicky! We also got some super cool Cars pull up training pants. I've never been a fan of pull ups, but I figure it will be best for him to learn later when he starts to go by himself. Of course I took some pictures.


Hope Floats said...

I hope it works for you. :)

Kim said...

Ian is still in the process so Nicky isn't that old. And really, Ben was 4 before he was really done. To be honest, they train when they're ready no matter when you start.