Thursday, May 1, 2008

Looking forward to the weekend

We've got a couple things planned for this weekend. Looks like it will be just Nicky and I in the morning Saturday since Toby will have just got home from work and will be sleeping. He will be joining us for the birthday party later though. At ten we are going to the local Kids Festival and Kite Day down at the waterfront. During the spring through fall months, every first Saturday of the month, they have an event at the waterfront. This weekend they are having: petting zoo, face painting, pony rides, jump houses, jet ski demonstrations, arts & crafts and of course kite launching! We will only be able to stay a couple of hours, but we're getting there at the beginning, the weather is supposed to be beautiful and I just can't wait. I think I'm more excited than Nicky!

After the festival we are going to Ame's (Tobys niece) bday party, she is turning the big 4!!! Such a sweet girl, she's a tiny little thang, but her personality makes up for it. Miss Ame is very much into Dora, so we've got a few Dora things for her. Nicky saw the stuff and assumed that it was for him, he too loves Dora. Nicky and Ame are good buddies and they are so excited to see each other, both have been talking about each other are super excited about Saturday.

Sunday I'm sure we will be outside again, more than likely in the water. I will spare the pics, since they will be very similar I'm sure to last weekends.

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Kim said...

We're having Connor's party tomorrow too! Think you can make it to both??