Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers day all you moms out there! We had a super day here today. Toby woke me up with 'surprises.' It was early, and he asked me to go get some water from the kitchen, I walked in and saw beautiful lillies....I LOVE lillies...they are yellow hybrids. SO pretty! He also had 3 Willow Tree figurines, one of a man and woman, one of a taller girl (Gwen) angel, and one of a shorter lighter hair girl angel holding the hands of a little boy (Madison and Nicky). I've been wanting some of our family for a while now and it was perfect! I also got 2 best of Will Ferrell DVD's and a SNL collection DVD set! That rocks! I love me some SNL, they are the older ones honey is so awesome. After he got a few hours of sleep we went over to Grandma Susans house for a BBQ and visiting. We had unexpected sprinkler time, hence the reason the boys are just wearing diapers. This is not my desired swim attire, but the kids had a lot of fun, so that was just fine! And thats a wet full diaper on the boys, theres not a load in there.

Since so many people question why there aren't any pictures of me ever in the bazillion pictures I take while we are out, I included one for once. Thats me in Ame's eye, can you see me? I'm squating (not homeless), you can see my legs and black shirt, and arms....kind of. Well, thats me!

Updated with is my beautiful Mothers Day card Maddie made for me, she did such a great job, don't I look purty? I love the dress she put me in! I also put a shot of the figurines that I got, love em!

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Ida said...

Sounds like a great mother's day. Love the pics you take very nice.